• Cloud Dance Festival Lacuna 2013
  • girl
  • Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • These images slow down time to allow for a paused focus on and study of the intricacies of movement by using up to twenty individual photos to record a couple of seconds of movement. This act of pausing and extending time gives value to the intricate details of dance and the vast array of movements and moments which we experience as exceedingly fleeting.
Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • Dancers Svenja Buhl and Sammy Furnival
  • Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • Model: Rachel Ensor
  • Dancer Tom Bowes
  • Could be anywhere, a train station, airport, but was at the Tate Gallery.
  • Dancers Katie Neal & Riccardo Tarocco

Welcome to Your Move

Your Move 2013 is a public photoblog that was open for submissions for 40 days to celebrate the UK screening of All This Can Happen, a film by Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, at the ICA, London; DANCE: FILM 13, Edinburgh and CINECITY at the Brighton Film Festival.
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Between 5 November & 15 December participants of Your Move 2013 captured everyday movement, experimented with composition, and uploaded their photographs to the growing gallery. The project was open to everyone; professional and novice photographers. Your Move 2013 challenged participants to experiment with how they use and represent movement in photography, taking the techniques used within the film as inspiration.
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Take a look at the striking images created by members of the public.
Follow the hashtag #YourMove2013 to see many of the projects highlights, including our Photo of the Day selections.

Your Move 2013 is a development of the original Your Move photoblog as part of Big Dance 2012. Your Move saw 145 people photograph movement in our everyday lives creating an online gallery of 901 images viewed by 2394 people.
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Your Move 2013 has been made possible through the legacy of Big Dance 2012.