• From live movement to the still image
Our perception of shapes, dynamics, sounds  and emotions 
And the elapsing of time, 
Leave behind an imprint of a moment 
And this moment, revived by the intuitive, sensing body  
Is being propelled into new territory 
In each movement lies the promise of the next... 

Dancers Clelia Vuille and Heli-Maria Latola
  • Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • Could be anywhere, a train station, airport, but was at the Tate Gallery.
  • Model: Rachel Ensor
  • Dancer Tom Bowes
  • Cloud Dance Festival Lacuna 2013
  • Dancers Svenja Buhl and Sammy Furnival
  • Dancers Katie Neal & Riccardo Tarocco
  • Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • From producing the promotional pictures for Nutshell Dances 'Retrospective', documenting the rehearsal process, and finally capturing the piece live onstage, I loved seeing how the cameras perspective changes your experience of the same movement...
  • Proj with Ra 
Thank u:)

Your Move Brief

The images that catch our eye and quicken our senses often contain movement and energy. They draw us in with a captured moment, and fire our imagination as to what happened in the moments before and after.

Your Move 2013 challenged participants to experiment with how to create compelling images of movement that have this effect on the viewer. Can an image of movement evoke emotion or memory? Can a photograph capture something that is still in a way that gives it movement and brings it to life? How does the composition of a still image evoke or create movement?

We invited participants to experiment with different elements of composition to choreograph images that say something interesting about movement. Different compositional elements participants considered were; leading lines, symmetry and patterns, viewpoint (camera angle), framing and cropping, light, shadow, colour, motion blur, and depth of field. Pairs of juxtaposed photographs, series of photographs that broke a movement down, layered photographs, as well as single frames that used composition to create movement, were submitted.

All This Can Happen

This project responded to and celebrated the UK screenings of All This Can Happen, a film made entirely from found footage from early films and photographs from the beginning of the 20th century and which looks back on early cinema's fascination with capturing the detail of everyday movement.

The film is composed using many different juxtapositions, densities of images and split screen techniques; there are often several different frames of action on screen at the same time.

Made in 2012 by award-winning artists Siobhan Davies and David Hinton, it had its World Premiere at the Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2013. The film continues to tour globally to major festivals and institutions. UK screenings of All This Can Happen took place in autumn 2013 at the ICA, London; DANCE: FILM 13, Edinburgh and CINECITY at the Brighton Film Festival.

Watch an extract of the film here › 

Listen to Siobhan Davies & David Hinton talking about their film here ›

All This Can Happen
ICA Screenings

Tickets £10/£8 concs/£7 ICA members
Booking 020 7930 3647