• Model: Rachel Ensor
  • From producing the promotional pictures for Nutshell Dances 'Retrospective', documenting the rehearsal process, and finally capturing the piece live onstage, I loved seeing how the cameras perspective changes your experience of the same movement...
  • Proj with Ra 
Thank u:)
  • Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • These images slow down time to allow for a paused focus on and study of the intricacies of movement by using up to twenty individual photos to record a couple of seconds of movement. This act of pausing and extending time gives value to the intricate details of dance and the vast array of movements and moments which we experience as exceedingly fleeting.
Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • Dancers Katie Neal & Riccardo Tarocco
  • Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • girl
  • Dancers Svenja Buhl and Sammy Furnival
  • Cloud Dance Festival Lacuna 2013

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