• ‘Still Soldiers’ is an exploration of movement within the still. It is me, as the viewer & photographer, who is moving, yet the brain translates this information to be motion of the still object I move around. Doing nothing can indeed be seen as a movement. Army looks at how a different perspective often leads to a different story.
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  • When words are not enough.

The power of a movement to create communication.
  • This collection explores the viewers response  to an image of movement when different layerers are introduction to it.

The movement may seem slower, faster, stronger or softer, deliberate or accidental  depending on the connections we make to the secondary image.

Model: Catherine Ibbotson, Dancer/ Dance Teacher
  • Model: Catherine Ibbotson, dancer/ dance teacher.
  • Model: Catherine Ibbotson, dancer/ dance teacher.
  • Model: Rachel Ensor
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