• Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • In this piece I was interested in seeing how a by breaking down a chronological dance sequence and layering them on a different plane, I could affect our overall perception of movement.
Although the image is constructed from four shots extracted from a fast moving sequence, the close proximity and vertical plane of the bodies dissolve the sequence into a slow, weighted down action where movement becomes almost still, and the action is replaced by a perception of intention.
Dancer Svenja Buhl
  • From live movement to the still image
Our perception of shapes, dynamics, sounds  and emotions 
And the elapsing of time, 
Leave behind an imprint of a moment 
And this moment, revived by the intuitive, sensing body  
Is being propelled into new territory 
In each movement lies the promise of the next... 

Dancers Clelia Vuille and Heli-Maria Latola
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